who we are

Everything we are and everything we do benefits our land and ocean


pioneers of modern ocean farming

Founded in 2010 through a partnership with industry leaders, Pacifico has implemented innovations in ocean farming to ensure the health of our striped bass, the health of our oceans, and the long-term availability of striped bass for generations to come.

masters of meroir

Meroir is the idea that the sum of the effects of a local environment, such as climate, local nutrients and other geographical factors impact the quality of a particular product, giving them a distinct taste unique to the environment they grew up in.

Our ocean-raised striped bass are farmed in clean, clear, deep oceanic currents where the meroir gives the fish a distinct sweetness with a delicate umami second flavor profile.


stewards of the land


Protected sanctuary COncession

In partnership with the Mexican government, Pacifico Aquaculture maintains sole rights to raise striped bass in the pristine marine sanctuary of Isla Todos Santos, Ensenada, Baja California which is part of the Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve.

Operating under Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve covers more than 2.7 million acres and is made up of marine sanctuaries that serve as a habitat for marine mammals and seabirds, as well as commercially important fish and shellfish. Having designated reserves such as these help promote sustainable growth while also protecting ecosystems.

We take great pride in farming sustainably off the pristine coast of the islands where the Baja spirit is thriving both in the water and on land.


community & legacy


our people are the future


We engage and support the local communities by providing meaningful jobs, ongoing training and education. By expanding the legacy of skilled and ethical aquaculturists, we work towards building Baja California as a global hub for sustainable ocean farming.



Connecting with local communities to keep the Baja spirit strong is something our team is very passionate about. Community impact programs include donating fish to orphanages and retirement homes, helping families in Ensenada by getting school uniforms for their children and conducting annual cleanups at beaches, schools and much more.




Daniel farag

“Our vision is to be a restorative force within our community, our industry, our oceans and to our species—the true, ocean-raised striped bass. As the global population rapidly approaches 9 billion people, there is an increasing need for high quality protein.”

omar alfi

“In the beginning we set out to build an environmentally and commercially viable business practicing the most responsible form of aquaculture possible. Our goal is to continue to innovate and to demonstrate to the world the unique and powerful brand of aquaculture that we are practicing right here in Baja California, Mexico.”