our Striped Bass

SUSTAINABLy raised Off THE SHORES of baja california


what is a true striped bass?

Pacifico striped bass are open-ocean raised striped bass, not to be confused with the hybrid species currently farmed in freshwater ponds and lakes. Our striped bass (Morone Saxatilis), also known in the wild as rock fish or stripers, are large fish with black stripes running along their silvery metallic sides.

thoughtfully raised

Pacifico is the only four-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) striped bass.  Four stars is the highest designation in the BAP program. This signifies that a product originates from a BAP-certified farm, processing plant, hatchery, and feed mill.

We are also the only dedicated striped bass hatchery in the world. We are proud to be the first marine finfish company in Mexico to obtain four star certification for Best Aquaculture Practices.

minimal handling, maximum freshness

Harvested and immediately put on ice, our FDA, EU, and HAACP-certified processing plant is a short boat ride away. This results in reduced freight costs, increased shelf life, and a much lower carbon footprint.


premium quality, undeniable freshness

Striped bass has been a prized catch of East Coast fisheries for centuries. Our ocean-raised Pacifico Striped Bass maintains an appearance, flavor, and texture that holds up to any type of preparation.

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