caring for our fish, ocean and environment at every step


pillars of sustainability

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Responsible management of the natural resource and enviroments we operate.

Responsible animal husbandry and a commitment to healthy, happy fish.

A deep understanding of and commitment to the biology required to operate a sustainable and responsible marine aquaculture operation.

A promise to our employees to share our successes and enable them to grow and succeed as we grow and succeed.


responsibly raised from egg to harvest

We are committed to sustainable aquaculture practices and actively manage all aspects of our fish’s lifecycle. This commitment allows us to honor the natural environment while reducing pressure on wild fish stocks and ensuring a consistent supply of sustainably grown high quality striped bass for our customers. 



We at Pacifico carefully select broodstock for breeding characteristics that are best for our fish and for our customers. We look for big, strong and healthy fish from each year class to build our genetic portfolio. We select the best performers based on natural growth performance and never practice any form of genetic modification.


We are proud to have built the first ever commercial striped bass hatchery in the world, at our headquarters in Ensenada, Baja California. In our hatchery, we are able to spawn our 5-10 year old broodstock throughout the year, ensuring a consistent supply of fingerlings and providing full traceability of our product.

juvenile rearing

Our fingerlings enjoy 60-90 days in a highly protective and monitored environment inside our hatchery until each fish is ready to be moved to our open ocean grow out site at Todos Santos Island.


Our fish are stocked with plenty of room to swim and grow in floating sea cages at our ocean grow-out site on Todos Santos Island. They swim in the clear, cold, clean waters of the Pacific until they reach market size, which typically takes 18-24 months.


Once they reach the desired size, our fish are carefully removed from the sea cages and are humanely harvested and immediately placed on ice. This process minimizes stress and trauma and maximizes taste and freshness.


We partner with an FDA, EU and HAACP certified processing plant in Ensenada, which is just a short boat ride away from our grow out site. Our fish, right out of the water, are cleaned and packed for shipment by processing professionals before they start their journey to markets throughout Mexico and the United States.