The world's only true ocean-raised striped bass!

the worlds only true ocean-raised striped bass

a true striped bass


everything we do benefits our land, water, fish and people


sustainably RAISED


why baja california

Our grow out site is located near Todos Santos Island, 8 miles off the coast of Ensenada, in Northern Baja California, Mexico. Our location was carefully chosen for its ideal oceanic conditions, with significant protection from the elements due to its setting on the leeward side of the Island.

Being only 70 miles from the border of the United States gives us easy access to principal markets - resulting in reduced freight costs, increased shelf life and a much lower carbon footprint compared to other imported seafood.


Deep canyon purity

The cold, clear, crystalline waters of the Pacific ocean provide us with the ideal setting for our operation. 

Local underwater currents in this area, combined with proximity to a 250 meter submarine canyon, provide natural and sustainable cleansing of the site. Our distance from the coastline ensures protection from land sourced contaminants and allows for isolation and site containment. 


marine protein diet

Our striped bass diet is formulated to optimize fish welfare and fish-in-fish-out ratio.

Our feed contains no terrestrial land protein and utilizes trimmings from existing fisheries to minimize the use of wild fishmeal. We work closely to match the diet the fish would have in the wild. The primary feed contains no hormones, no antibiotics and is BAP-certified.


famed for versatility


rich, firm and flavorful

Pacifico Striped Bass have a clean mouth feel and a semi-firm texture. Striped Bass is famous for its versatility. The fish is ideal to cook with because the fat content allows for many preparation methods, including whole, raw, grilling, poaching and braising. Cooked it has a flaky texture with a skin that crisps beautifully.

Chefs love pacifico striped bass